Ktd 10/6/12


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Showdown-Dom- Pistols ONLY no air
Backlot - SND - Weapons Free
Overgrown - FFA - Bolts ONLY
Wetwork - SAB - Weapons Free
Strike - FFA - Low Grav, Unlimited Ammo, TUBES only
As requested by a few others KTD time will be moved back an hour.
Saturday 10/6/12
12 pm PST
around 9 PM for the euros
5 am SUNDAY for Aussies

Password: ThrowDown2
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As it is now password protected, looking for some clarification- is it only for krew members? If I can't play, I don't want to step on any toes by showing up.

Either way, I hope it goes well. :)


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Oh no, you're playing. This is NOT a members only thing, EVER. This is open to forum members and members alike. That's why everyone has access to this section :)

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HELL YEA!........I might be able to come....

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HELL YEA!........I might be able to come....


Daylight saving comes into effect tonight, which makes it 0600 for east coast Australia.

i will be starting work by then, bummer


that was fun but we could do without SAB.
Nobody ever is able to plant so the game only ends with sudden death.

Maybe change it to another GT.

Was fun though.
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