KTD kick off!


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Alright lady and gentlemen it's time to announce the official first line up for KTD and our date and time.
Saturday September 22nd
1 pm pst
4pm est
around 10pm for the euros (give or take)

6am SUNDAY for the Aussies
The line up for this KTD is as follows:
Shipment - SAB - Pistols ONLY, NO DEAGLE. no air no marty no nades... etc.
District - SND - Weapons free!
Vacant - TDM - Bolts ONLY, but air is okay
Pipeline - HQ - Weapons Free!
And for our fun finale..... Strike - TDM - Unlimited RPGs ONLY with jump height and gravity changes

Please if you are planning on making it, let me know in here. I want to get a head count :)

Edit: Please note, this server will NOT be locked, the point of these throw downs is to get the krew together for some fun while also getting people to join, have fun, and hopefully get on the forums. If someone comes into the server, politely tell them the rules and please be courteous. Rule Breakers will be kicked.
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I should be there!

And Silo, It's pistols fool. Learn to type. :K
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#2 SiloHunter

Not always....


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I will be gone that day...

I'll probably get back home around 11pm but I'll see what I can do.


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I plan to be there, also Brian is coming over this weekend too and I'm sure he'll be there!! :hi5:


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Pipeline HQ is already rotating in A3.

Shipment SAB has been running in the last two recruit scrims and probably will again this month.

Not trashing the selections, just saying that a lot of members have played these maps/GT a few times already. Might help with future turnouts to pick totally new ones.

Just some thoughts.
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There's a thread for suggestions.

This is the first one, with ideas coming in from only a few people, we needed something that was going to work and that we knew were fun. These are pretty freaking fun. We tested that theory.

The point of the whole thing is to get enough ideas for the rotation to vary each KTD. Selections will be made based off the master game list and a random generator in Throw Downs to come so that ideas can circulate. If people had new ideas and posted them in the thread for them, we'd get a larger list and a wider variety.
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