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Need to Know---how to open console (you hit the key left of the "1" key)

Hey guys im doing this tutorial on request, but for those who are knew you, here how you can get colored text commands in cod4.

So what is a bind? A bind is binding a command to a specific key. When you hit that binded key, it will execute the command you binded to it.
For example --- say I wanted to have noclip in a private match I could bind a key to do that command, instead of typing it in console every time. I would put this in console /bind p noclip

Now for text binds ---

so for example what if I wanted a bind to say the word "Hi!" in red and in green every time I hit H. So what I would type in console would be /bind h say ^1Hi^2!. Now when I go out of console and hit h
the result would look something like this in chat---

Jben: Hi!

You can change the color to any of the colors below

^1 = RED
^2 = GREEN
^4 = BLUE
^6 = PINK
^7 = WHITE
^8 = BLACK
^9 = BLACK
^0 = BLACK

Thats all guys if you have any questions pm me here on the website or on steam (jben101) or on xfire (jben4)

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