List of MW3 Multiplayer maps and my thoughts on them


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List of MW3 multiplayer maps

Dome: one of my favourites. a smallish map, mainly outdoors, but with a couple of indoor rooms, no real sniping points, but some ok camping spots.

Underground: Takes place in a London (My hometown) underground station, good mix of indoor and outdoor action, again good camping spots, one or two sniper spots possible.

Village: Takes place in an african village, lots of twists and turns, makes for some very fast paced action, some camping spots, some sniping possible.

Bootleg: a bit like the chinatown map on COD4. again fast paced action, very few sniping spots. I like it personally.

Arkaden: Takes place in a shopping centre. Mainly indoor action, no real sniping spots, again fast paced action.

Lockdown: European city setting, some nice open spaces, some good sniping spots available, less fast paced than other maps.

Interchange: Destroyed Motorway (Freeway for the americans), another fast paced map, no major indoor action, be careful when throwing killstreak markers.

Fallen: Derelict city, nice mix of indoor and outdoor action. some good spots to wait for the unwary traveller.

Village: Large map, African village, nice outdoor action, couple of good sniper spots but not much else. Very much a run n gun map.

Hardhat: Small construction site, almost exclusively an outdoor map, very few indoor spots.

Carbon: Medium sized industrial map, at least one very good sniping spot, not one of my faves personally.

Seatown: set in a coastal town, quite a large map with some decent sniping spots, not one i like .

Resistance: outdoor map, set in a parisian distrct, some snipe spots, but nothing too much. Bit of a meh map for me.
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