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This is addressed at some of our newer/younger members. Some issues have cropped up over the last few weeks which need addressing.
Please read these bits of advice and take them into consideration as you spend time with the Krew.

1. Rushing to get moderator privileges: People have a habit of applying for moderator privileges after only having been here a few weeks as full members.

Mod privs are given to people we trust, like and who we think can be mature moderators on our servers. At the time this article was written we have no further need for more moderators but people come and go all the time so positions may open up in the future.

The best thing you can do to be selected as a moderator is to stop asking, be a mature, friendly and active member on the game servers and forum, never rage at people in the shout or in game; Basically, be the mature, calm person people can trust.

One of the worst things you can do regarding becoming a moderator is to keep bothering us about it. Once you submit a mod application, forget about it unless we contact you about it. They sit in the moderator application queue and we monitor the voting and comment process. If it looks like a go, we will contact you but when you PM us every few days about it it sends the message that you only want the power but not the responsibility of being a moderator.

Also, if you're pushing for a moderator position, don't try to complain a lot that there are never moderators around trying to boost your chances at getting promoted. We're not totally stupid.

2. Name Changing: Think very carefully before you try to change your name. Remember that most people don't care about other peoples' names and trying to change yours really only makes you seem goofy and shallow.

Also, when you change your name, your entire previous identity is lost with your original name. All the trust we started identifying with your original name and the fun times we remember associated with your name are lost when you change it. Basically, you are starting over again with a new name and identity when you change names.

3. Raging and/or Rage Quitting: We're all here to have fun and kill each other. (heh) We like to spend time together in games and shout talking about whatever or sharpening our skills in game and when you rage quit it shows a big lack of maturity and commitment to the group.

4. Dealing with other members: Someone wrote to me asking my why I hated them. (odd, I know) One thing that many Krewmembers do is to appear to harass each other for fun. (Example: "What's up douche?" "Nothing asswipe") This has nothing to do with actual dislike of a person, rather if someone does this, it means they like you enough to mess with you. Consider it a good sign and don't take it seriously. Also, certain types of people will test you in this way to see if you quit. We don't need quitters here.

If someone doesn't like you they will ignore you and that's worse than being picked on by someone who probably thinks you're ok. Relax douchebag!

5. Forum Abuse: Don't take pride in being a forum post whore. That means, there's nothing good about flooding the forum with pointless threads or replies to threads. When the forum is flooded with crap it makes finding legitimate posts very difficult and can render the forum useless. We don't need to spend much time on this. Just use discretion when posting and make use of the "Thanks" button.

6. School First: School and homework is more important than gaming, the krew or any of us. Don't neglect school for gaming. Maintain a good balance of both school and gaming and you can manage to do both well. Unless you're overwhelmed with advanced school projects you can spend time with us AND excel in school. Pwn the books yo!

7. Avoid coming into the shout and asking questions you could more easily get the answer to by googling it. If we dont' know the answer when you ask a dumb question we'll just have to google it FOR YOU and that's not really fair to us. Take the initiative to find a solution for yourself before blurting out your question.

8. Lastly, even if you are better at gaming than everybody else it is meaningless if you're a prick about it. At the end of the day this is more a social klub than a purely gaming Krewmunity. If you win and gloat about it people will hate you for it. Remember to be as polite about winning as you are about losing and you won't have problems.

9. Absenteeism: You will receive a warning after being 30 days absent from logging into the forum. After 60 days you will be demoted and would need to reapply. Exceptions can be made but you have to advise a staff member in writing (PM) beforehand. Accounts which are created but never used (Accounts where people appeal bans for example) are deleted periodically.

Absentee Guidelines:
- 6 months of inactivity for Admins then moved to Legends Group.
- 4 months for Supers, moved to members.
- 6 Weeks for moderators, suspend at 2 months if they don't contact us. (Arranged/coordinated absences.)
- Exceptions on a case by case basis. (e.g., "I'm busy with school until finals or similar situation.")

Other than this, we have a great krew-munity of people.
Relax, enjoy and have fun.

Staff Admin

PS If I have missed something here, by all means add it as a reply. I'm sure other people have input into being a krewmember.[/COLOR]
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This is, by far the best thread I ever read next to The Beginnings one by Wally..

and to add:

If you are having issues where you'll need to be away TELL an Admin.. We're not gonna kick you out or demote you if we know what's going on. If it's a private matter you don't want anyone else to know about our Admins will not discuss it (unless it's a sex change then we will all have a good laugh)


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There are times when you may see us bending or straying from these rules. Sometimes, it is acceptable. Sometimes, we make mistakes, though. Part of being more mature is being able to tell which one is which, and learning to avoid and prevent the latter. Good krew members are expected to exercise more maturity than the herd of guests that populate our server. You get your tags, but that means you have more responsibility.

Be honest, play fairly, and promote a flourishing server and site.


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I agree with most of it except the name changing part. I don't think it makes anyone look "goofy or shallow" or seem like they are starting over. It's a name change, not a memory wipe.


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I agree with most of it except the name changing part. I don't think it makes anyone look "goofy or shallow" or seem like they are starting over. It's a name change, not a memory wipe.

yeah, i thought that one was a bit too... silly... it's not like we are trying to hide something like a name changer in game.. though other than that.. good post.


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Great thread, I know most members are sometimes guilty of those things, including me. Just a really good thread for members to look back on.


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Namechanging is harmless, in my opinion.

However, if you change your name and no one remembers who you are or you lose opportunities (such as promotions and shit like that because people forget who you are), don't complain. Be realistic. If you change your name, you can expect certain things.


I agree with TheDude on the namechanging business.
The issue is, it's like being a n00b again. You get a mod application from "player 2" and it's like who the fk is this n00b? And then it turns out he's been calling himself "player 1" for the last 6 months.


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Silo isnt a great example of these things. Anyways, good post, written in true pwn red.
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