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Welcome to the Kaptain Krunch Krew!

Are you interested in joining? Then read this first!
Our Krew uses a nomination system that chooses members based on forum and server activity. This is strictly an internal process so you may not know that you're going to be chosen:). The way it works is that the Recruitment Team will post about people they think would be good choices for members. From there that potential recruit will be voted on by Krew Members and if the vote passes, that person will receive an invite to join the Krew!

How do I start? - The easiest way to start is to fill out an Introduction so we can get to know you right off the bat! The form for how to do this is found here. Once you have filled out an Introduction, feel free to browse around the forum and post in threads that interest you! Please keep in mind the date of the thread and try not to post in any thread that hasn't been active in 30 or more days.

Shouting - One of the most common practices that Krew Members take part in is shouting. Shouting is done in the shoutbox, a chatroom for the Krew found here. There, we talk about almost anything you can think of. Chat about sports, other games, life, or whatever you want. Keep in mind that there are younger members here, so try to keep it PG-13. Also, this is where you come to report hackers and spawncampers from our servers. Do not call out a hacker in game as they might leave. Report them in the Shoutbox!

What do we look for in Members? - The type of people we're looking for are friendly, patient, happy people! The point of this Krew is to create a friendly environment that people can look to for relief and relaxation. With that said, we will have our disagreements, but at the end of the day, we look for everyone to enjoy their time here. We look for our members to help contribute to this environment by giving time and ideas to our cause. Active members are the ones we look for to be the backbone of our Krew.

How active is active? - Activity is something that all of us struggle with from time to time. We're not asking potential members to be online at all points of the day throughout their entire week. We understand that different people have different circumstances with work, school, and family life. Each of us has something that takes our time, and we understands that. Activity can be as little as dropping in on the forum a few times a week to post and drop a shout or two in the shoutbox just to say that you're still alive:). In order to be recruited, being super-active doesn't necessarily guarantee that you'll be recruited any faster. The same is true for the opposite; if you aren't very active, that doesn't mean we won't recruit you. We look for people that are friendly and genuine, both on the forum, and in our servers.

What are the |K3| Standards? - Our standards are found within our Server Rules and Forum Rules. Essentially, be friendly and patient in server and try to enjoy hanging around with us!

How long will it take be recruited? - This is one of the most common questions we get. Recruitment is a process that varies by case. Normally, the process takes from 3-6 weeks. This time period is to watch how you behave in game with people on the servers and to examine how you conduct yourself on our forum. This also ensures that you really want to be a part of the Krew. If you have any questions about recruitment time, send me a PM and we can talk about it there. Please don't beg for recruitment or harass members about it.

What should I expect after recruitment? - After the members have voted on recruits, I will PM you alerting you that you have been selected. Please respond to my message by either accepting or declining the recruit status. Once you have responded, I will promote you to |k|Recruit and you will be allowed to wear the |k| tag in our servers! At this point also, I will link you to the threads about the recruitment scrim for that month. This tag, affectionately known as a Baby K, is a trial run for you. Once you earn your |k| tag, don't change anything! If you earn this, this means that you are what we want out a member. The |k| tags are given out early in the month and for the rest of the month, you'll be known as a recruit. After that month is over (or close to it), you will take part in a Krew-wide scrim. This is essentially the initiation for recruits. It's a fun time for everyone, but meant mainly for the recruits. I can't give away any more information than that;).

Important Notes:

Once you are promoted to member, you are still responsible for maintaining Krew Standards and Policies. Violations of these policies can lead to demotion. Our member admin DamageINC has the final decision. You will be demoted if you are caught cheating or if you are inactive/MIA for a period of time (60-90 days). If you are going to be inactive for some time, let one of the admins know and we will work something out with you.

Thanks for reading all of this as it is the best way to get an introduction to how the Krew operates. If you still have questions about any of this or anything else, don't hesitate to send me a PM. Simply click on my name and select "Start a Conversation."

Also, if I haven't responded to a PM, these people are available to help as well:

Recruitment Team Members

- Executive
|K3|HIBred - Executive
|K3|Kreubs - Executive
|K3|The Moment - Executive
|K3|WaLLy - Executive
|K3|Jana - Moderator
|K3|MikeK - Moderator
|K3|Storky - Moderator
|K3|MelRose - Krew Member
|K3|Fusion OG - Krew Member
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