What are you playing in 2024?


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I just bought Palworld, it's the only multiplayer game in awhile I've been interested in playing regularly. My brother is super into Valorant, but haven't tried it myself yet.


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palworld is fun; i wasnt sure at first but i realized it was on the xbox gamepass so im getting to try it. i enjoy ARK and this one feels like itll be less grindy. Generally I still play cod games(old and new), like to play valorant(primarily as omen) i suck though. Other than them, been trying different games to find ones i might like like Escape from Tarkov. Also been playing the Sniper Elite series.
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Starfield lol
It's pretty much all I've been playing since it came out last September


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i played a lot since COVID ^^ i've played New World before his first dead, then i tried Tarkov for a while but that game is too stressing for me ^^ As for HUNT:Showdown...these fps doesn't relax me ^^

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the "YOU MUST PLAY" titles of these last year. Playing Starfield send me back to Cyberpunk ;) Phantom liberty DLC is a jewel of writing, first hour is a lil classic but the rest of the story is wonderful (in his cyberpunk way of course...no rainbows and fairies there.)

Sea of thieves - Pirate themed Openworld Sandbox. Best game ever with friends. If you don't know...go see some videos of people playing it.

i recently discovered Project Zomboid...10y.o game - Zombie Survival themed openworld Sandbox. Pixel art. Hardcore surviving. World war Z sized zombie horde and largely inspired by "Survival guide in Zombie territory" and all the classics media about Zombie (TWD, Romero, Etc...) if you are into survival zombie game and you dont know it give it a try. Better with friends on a persistant modded server i'd guess but solo already got me for 480h since december (i play a lot i said ;) )

also played Destiny 2 for a year, Diablo 4 for two seasons (HotA Barb is OP), and recently tested The FINALS (meh...apex without steroids ^^)


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Not much for me. I play Township on the Ipad. Tried Jedi fallen order on PS4, didn't like it at all.
Going to start Fallout 4 one of these days. My PC is 12 or more years old so i don't do any PC gaming.
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