Xfire Gone..What now?

New chatting platform?

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Hey i think this is the best section to put this thread under.
So my question is now that xfire is gone, what will all you xfire users use? because im trying to find one; i put a few options i know of down but i cant think of anymore - if theres any others that you prefer or use tell me please and thank you

I wont be putting down steam because it mostly only works for steam games - i want one thatll be good for any game(plus alot of people use steam)

before you ask - i dont know what i prefer - i honestly was gunna use this thread to hear what you guys say


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If you launch your non-steam games from the steam application, it gives you the same steam in-game menu (shift+tab).


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it doesnt usually work for me with that for some reason - it doesnt read any non steam games and i cant open the ingame menu or anything just sits there in the game library pretending like it works like the others lol


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oh xfire, kinda miss the times. was THE chatting platform for COD/WOW :<
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